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January 3, 2017 | A ‘Final Solution’ Which Even a Child can Understand!

Donald B. Swenson: Born January 24, 1943, Roseau, Minnesota. Graduated H.S. 1961, Moorhead High, Minnesota. Graduated College 1968, Moorhead State University, Minnesota. Designated member of Appraisal Institute (MAI), 1974. Employed with Western Life Insurance Company, 1968 – 71; Iowa Securities Company, 1971 – 73; American Appraisal Company, 1974 – 81. Part-time teacher/valuation consultant/bartender, 1979 – 2008 (taught workshops at Waukesha County Technical Institute, Wi. and Madison Area Technical College, Wi.). Retired 2008 (part time teacher/blogger), AZ. Self educated economist/philosopher/theologian:

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The key to peace on this planet is recognizing reality as we live it. Even a child can comprehend this concept. Reality based on the now (the basis of our living) recognizes that I and You are living ‘at effect’. I am not in control of my destiny and neither are You. Ideas (those inner drivers) arrive into our spiritual mind and consciousness and we then construct our reality from these ‘ideas’. This means that I and You live ‘at effect’ (continually) or without knowing our real destiny from moment to moment. The ultimate CAUSE of our living avoids us or is hidden from our attention and this allows us to live with deceptions, fantasies, and myths rather than reality. Deceptions create unnecessary social conflict, confusion, struggle, poverty, war, death, and misery. All this could be avoided if WE lived reality as it is presented to us. Let’s think about this concept called ‘reality’ for this missive!

Deception is what I witness on this planet (everywhere) and our leaders prosper with greater deceptions so as to maintain their false (fanciful) control over the greater system. In reality, all these so-called leaders are also living their lives ‘at effect’ (unknowingly). They receive ‘ideas’ from sources outside themselves (their inner being) and then construct deceptive policies so as to maintain CONTROL over their group think followers (You and I). This is called political correctness and/or group think. To govern, a leader needs to impose their ‘ideas’ (called policies) upon the marketplace (under their supposed control) and enforce these deceptive polices so as to ‘feel’ in control of events. This is pure deception (when understood) as each leader is technically operating ‘at effect’ and mostly unaware of this reality.

A child recognizes that they are not in control of events and that they did not choose their destiny of life. Deceived adults, however, think they are in control and think that they can create their vision of reality by imposing their policies on the greater marketplace (via fiat). This is pure deception and some inner reflection would reveal this as deception. All we have on this planet are people, places, things, and results. People desire independence and sovereignty over their own mental ideas. This, however, is impossible when deceived leaders impose policies, regulations, laws, and rules upon those with differing views and opinions (You and I). The reality is that we ALL have a subjective mindset and a perspective which is unique to us. A leader’s perspective is not my perspective. A leaders policies may not be based on my needs and vision. This leads to conflict, confusion, enslavement, and eventually rejection (war). It’s all based on reality as we ‘live it’ … folks!

What we need to comprehend is that everyone has a unique (subjective) perspective on reality. There is no ‘objective’ (group think mindset) that everyone views as reality. Reality (our ‘now’ experience) is subjective and unique to each individual. This means that leaders and their impositions can not create peace, happiness, and progress for the greater marketplace. Individuality prevails as everyone operates ‘at effect’ and the SOURCE for all this transcends each human person. The Source of ‘ideas’ and ‘words’ operates ‘invisibly’ and behind the scenes. So thinking that I am ‘at cause’ does not make me ‘at cause’. In reality, I and You, are continually ‘at effect’ and our Source transcends our immediate recognition. This Source is a spiritual Creator which directs our events from a spiritual environment (beyond our immediate ken). It takes internal reflection and discernment to recognize this obvious reality. Children seem to recognizes this reality best!

A Final Solution for everyone (to this dilemma situation which we all ‘experience’) would be to DEED our planet (people, places, things, and results) back to our SOURCE (the Creator of all reality). If this were done then people could be relating on a ‘equal’ (subjective) basis (globally) and most conflict, confusion, poverty, war, death, and destruction could be eliminated. If everyone would merely ‘recognize’ that they operate (live) in the now and that these now events derive from the Source (which is ‘at cause’) then living ‘at effect’ would benefit the greater marketplace of people. All our political leaders (who think they are ‘at cause’ with their policies, mandates, and administrations) need to recognize that they are actually operating ‘at effect’.

By recognizing reality and eliminating all these political deceptions, myths, and manipulations, we could create a world of ‘equals’ and the potential for growth, prosperity, happiness, and progress would be unlimited. Reality does prevail ultimately but deceptions can prevail as long as most people refuse to wake-up to reality. What I witness today is gross deceptions and myths (within economics, religions, political systems, science, and everyday philosophy). Most people can not differentiate between a figment of their imagination (money and currencies) and a handful of grapes in their hand. This appears to be because most do not live in the ‘now’ and they don’t ‘think’ as independent thinkers. Group think is everywhere and which Guru must I follow for a sense of what is real (seems to be the mantra)? Give this your attention at your leisure.

If we ‘deed’ our planet back to the Source (which is continually ‘at cause’) we could eliminate ‘private property’, this economic concept called ‘value’, the concept called ‘money’ and currency, and this could lead to participation from everyone in resolving human problems (of all types and shades). Technology today would allow for this type of situation if people could internalize the above realities. Think on this! Human beings are NOT capable of ruling each other with policies mandated from a written or oral code. All laws, rules, regulations, and mandates are ‘interpreted’ subjectively by each person. There is no ‘objective’ (one size fits all) policy or law which everyone can adopt. Subjectivity is reality and individuality is reality. Living in the now and ‘at effect’ produces these realities. Now is the time to think about creating a model for this planet which is based upon real people and how they actually ‘live’ their lives from moment to moment. Give this some reflection! I am:

Some images which lead to living ‘at effect’ and in the NOW:

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Reality is subjective (overall) but may appear objective to some political leaders!

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These TWO have an ‘inner’ mindset which could lead to destruction of our planet!

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Whose assumption (interpretation) is right? Who sees reality with total objectivity? Does perspective make a difference?

Related image

Wake-up to 7.4 billion people on planet earth (each with a unique/subjective perspective on reality)!

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People, places, things, and events (results)! What else is there? Where is this ‘thing’ called MONEY? Where is ‘value’? Where is DEBT?

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Virtual reality is much different from observational reality. Today, our money and currencies live mostly within ‘virtual’ reality! This leads to deceptions and misappropriations! Why not live ‘at effect’

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One’s ‘ideas’ and ‘inner concepts’ are derived phenomena and not objective units of matter/mass! Think on this concept called ‘metaphysics’!

Related image

My and Your ‘thoughts’ and ‘ideas’ create one’s reality. These units of consciousness are invisible and derive from a Source which is outside each person control (ultimately)! We all live ‘at effect’!

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The above is an ‘impossibility’! I and You are NOT ‘at cause’! We can NOT create our OWN reality! Wake-up to being ‘at effect’!

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Reality does not go away because individuals do not originate or control reality! Reality is derived! Who is the SOURCE??? What does this ‘word’ called Providence mean to you? Politicians need to ‘step down’ from their positions of deception (power) if peace is to emerge on this planet!

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A change in mindset does lead to new behavior! To change, however, requires inner reflection and inner discernment!

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Politicians can not MAKE America great now or ever! Why? Think on the above concepts for discernment!

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This is what politicians produce at their best! At their worst they produce mass destruction of our entire planet!

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Why does this person ‘hate’ America? Does he have an ‘internal’ reason which is logical to him?

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What is ‘inside’ his consciousness? Does his mindset lead to peace or war? Do actions create counter actions? Watch out!!!

Image result for the armageddon clock

Where will 2017 lead us given the nature of reality (now a global ‘interpretation’ of select politicians)!


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Doomsday is near because politicians do not ‘step down’ from power! PUSH and PUSH BACK leads to eventual doomsday for everyone!

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January 3rd, 2017

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