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November 6, 2016 | Voting Day

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Pretend it’s Tuesday, and you live in Cincinnati, Seattle or Pensacola. You’re being asked to pick the next President, arguably the most important elected office in the world. Running is a career politician with three decades’ worth of baggage, a philandering hubs who was also president, a checkered past, an awesome political resume, an FBI investigation hanging over her head, deep knowledge of national affairs and polling data showing most people mistrust her. She’s also the first female ever poised to be POTUS. Historic.

Also running is a billionaire, anti-establishment rebel whose own words have been alternatively racist, misogynist, insensitive, vulgar and comical. He has no political experience, brags about not paying taxes to support the country he wishes to lead, and is openly anti-immigration, protectionist, parochial and bellicose. Yet he has followers who see him as an iconoclastic messiah, and think electing the guy will break elites and democratize wealth. The agent of change.

The issues are even larger than the individuals involved. One is status quo in an uncertain world. The other’s all about reform and unknown consequences. Free trade vs isolationism. Globalism vs nationalism. Immigration vs walls. Religious tolerance vs discrimination. The 1% vs the rest. Insider vs outsider. Two deeply flawed individuals clashing at a time when uncertainty is the only constant.

How would you vote?

Well, here’s your chance. Since the next president will have an influence over all our lives, we need a voice, too. It’s the least this pathetic blog can do. Now shut up and click.

To fill out this anonymous survey about the US election click here: – US Election Poll

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November 6th, 2016

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