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November 9, 2016 | Mainstream Media vs. President Elect Trump

The Goddard Report

The Goddard Report is an alternative media source that delivers informative stories that are often ignored or underreported by the mainstream media. Hosted by veteran investigative reporter Jim Goddard.

  • Michael Rivero –  New World Order, Pardons, “You’re Fired”, Election Turnout, Rigging, Violence, and Moving to Canada.

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The Goddard Report Archives November 9th, 2016

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  • RJ says:

    Thanks to Mr. Rivero and all the other fearless members of the Alternative Media which overcame the tremendous propaganda machine of the political and media elite. Despite the rampant vote fraud, the people have spoken, opening up a reformation in these United States…a second revolution

  • Holly Hallston says:

    Yep, and the losers who still think it’s their inalienable right to deny our choice are out their smashing windows, burning cars, and interfering with plain old folks that just want to get on with their own business. What does that tell you about the respect “Progressives” have for other peoples’ rights. That’s right, they have none. Funny how when the libtards lose they out themselves as THE most extremely intolerant people of any group.

  • Tony Veiga says:

    Michael: Polls are data supplied to media by polling companies. I am sure there are some rigged polls but most are not. The objective of the polling companies is to get the most correct result so that they get more clients and make more MONEY. If main stream media spins poll results, that is the media’s problem, not the poll. Hillary Clinton consistently was ahead by five to six points until the last week before the election when polls tighten. The last polls generally are taken the Sunday night before the election and they showed that Donald Trump had closed the differential to two to three points and that the momentum was in his favor with a margin of error of one to three points. Taking into account Monday when there was no polling and assuming Trump picked up one to three points because he had the momentum you end up with a dead even race in the popular vote which is what it was. And the LA Times (a liberal, mainstream media outlet) poll which had it one to three points in Trump’s favor with a MOE of one to three points was just as wrong as the polls which had it for Clinton.

    Please stop with the facts which are not facts. John Kennedy was assassinated by a crazy Communist who had defected to the Soviet Union, repatriated to the US, and tried to defect again, this time to Cuba. He was a expert marksman in the Marine Corps who easily could make the shots on a target 30 feet away. In almost 53 years there never has been a shred of credible evidence which would indicate that Lee Harvey Oswald was not the sole assassin.

    Richard Nixon was pardoned but Gerald Ford did not issue a blanket pardon to all involved in the Watergate break in. Several members of the “White House Plumbers” went to jail.

    There is voter fraud and election rigging in every election but the 2000 election was not stolen from Al Gore. I live in Florida and followed the whole event closely. The Democrats tried over and over again to get votes recounted using changing criteria, in selected, different counties until they got the result they wanted even after the law was completely followed, the results certified by the Florida Secretary of State and then submitted to the electoral college by the Governor. And I doubt that George Bush said that he was going to clean it all up because elections are the responsibility of the states, not the Federal government. It says so right in the US Constitution. So unless he was going to go through the process of amending the Constitution he could not do a darn thing.

    9/11 was not a inside job committed by a secret cabal of US Government agents. I was flying that morning for an airline which lost two airplanes that day. My old office in the Pentagon was on the edge of the impact point. An old acquaintance of mine was killed there in the attack. I believe everything which has been publicly reported about the attack and why the towers fell is true. I do think that failures at the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the CIA kept the plot from being discovered and if there was a cover up it was to protect the backsides of some high ranking bureaucrats.

    When you make so many unsupported and flat out wrong assertions you detract from your credibility and raise questions about the many things you get correct. Please be more careful.

  • Baghdad Bob says:

    “I believe everything which has been publicly reported about the attack and why the towers fell is true.”

    I concur with this statement

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