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November 7, 2016 | Hallelujah

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Well, that was a slam dunk. There are now two key confirmations Hillary Clinton will be the next big poohbah of the USA once the pesky issue of voting is out of the way Tuesday night.

First, the stock market says so. The Dow soared the better part of 400 points on Monday, gold crashed, and traders threw caution to the wind like a soiled Make American Great Again ball cap. Wall Street always did think the woman would prevail, but hedged its bets when the FBI reopened its email hunt. When that passed Sunday, so did all doubt. Risk on, baby!

Second, GreaterFool readers say so. By a decisive margin. Not even close.

On Sunday voting was open at this pathetic blog’s cheesy little booth for most of the day, until our cap of 3,000 was reached. The results were consistent from start to finish. HRC by a landslide, winning the lioness’s of the popular vote, 65% to 35%. The biggest advantage she has going for her, apparently, is that she’s not Donald Trump.


And what happens Tuesday night when Clinton actually wins (as readers here are convinced she shall)? Will Trump sulk and whine, call out the system and claim he wuz robbed? Maybe. Depends on the closeness of the final tally both in overall votes cast and the Electoral College results. But clearly denizens of this blog think he should shove a rag in it.


So who were these three thousand readers we allowed to vote, and rush to support the first female POTUS over the billionaire, red-meat dude? A bunch of rabid young women feminazis who would put gender ahead of stuff like economic policy?

As it turns out, not so much. The voters were embarrassingly male (86%), with about a third in their thirties, and close to half in their forties and fifties.


And what about the money status, or political leanings of these GreaterFool posters? Well, an interesting snapshot here. The largest segment of voters are in the ‘middle class’ income bracket of fifty grand to $100,000, with 37% earning between a hundred and two hundred (still middle class). Equal numbers earn less than $50,000 and greater than $200,000. As for political affiliation, not a lot of lefties among us – over 43% say they vote Conservative here in the frozen north, and 36% are Libs.


In conclusion, yesterday a bunch of conservative-leaning, blog-addled, middle-class dudes gave a two-to-one endorsement of the woman that the American right has spent months painting as a criminal witch. Now imagine what a nation filled with diversity and 50% women will do tomorrow.

Yup. The stock cowboys nailed it.

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November 7th, 2016

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