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November 14, 2016 | A Trump Led Trade War Would Be a Disaster

Mike 'Mish' Shedlock

Mike Shedlock / Mish is a registered investment advisor representative for SitkaPacific Capital Management. Sitka Pacific is an asset management firm whose goal is strong performance and low volatility, regardless of market direction.

Trump’s proposed reduction in corporate taxes one of few positives

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Archives November 14th, 2016

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  • Avatar Tony Veiga says:

    Congress appropriated money to built portions of the wall during the Bush administration. Most of it has not been spent. Republicans in the House and Senate have said they will support and fund building the wall (infrastructure money spending, you know) but have remained silent about deporting criminal illegal aliens. Walls do work. Ask the Chinese. Also, walls recently have been built in several European countries which are working quite well. Illegal immigration is down because Obama already let so many in and they now are more forcefully enforcing the border and turning
    away illegals before they cross the border so deportation numbers are down.

    Mike might want to take another look at the effects of Smoot-Hawley. Sure it didn’t help but I don’t think it hurt much. The world already was in a great debt fueled deleveraging from overspending for WWI which is why there was a Depression. Smoot-Harley, like most things out of governments, was feel good window dressing. The Depression was exacerbated by mindless policies and government intervention in the markets by the Roosevelt Administration. That’s hard to get across because many Americans look at FDR as a god. In fact, a pretty good case could be made that the Depression did not start to end until governments started borrowing and central banks started printing money to pay for WWII. Ask Bob.

  • Avatar cocoa says:

    Depression technically relates to asset values declining too quickly below leverage value. Decline in money supply(or asset values of everything.) Mentally, for consumers, the Depression did not end until the entire Globe blew it’s industrial capacity to smithereens. Then the US was able to command the lion’s share of exports until the 60s. That’s how you get out of Depressions. You have to reset everything, blow it up and become that last economy standing.

    • Avatar Tony Veiga says:

      Recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of sub zero GDP. Depression is defined as many quarters of sub zero GDP. I don’t know anything about Depression being defined as asset values declining too quickly below leverage value. Ask Bob.

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