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October 8, 2016 | This Week in Money

This Week in Money

This Week in Money presents leading financial news and market commentary from interesting, informative and profound guests. They are some of the financial world's most colorful and controversial thinkers, discussing the markets, economies and more! Hosted by radio veteran - Jim Goddard. New shows air Saturdays on Internet Radio. Archived online at

  • Ross Clark – Comments on the lagging Loonie
  • Ross Kay – Canadian Made Housing Collapse. $1 Trillion in paper wealth to evaporate overnight
  • Dan Harris – What he believes caused the Vancouver Real Estate Bubble to expand and then burst
  • Payton Nyquvest  – Canadian Jr Equity markets
  • Company Showcase UPDATE from American Manganese President Larry Reaugh

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This Week in Money Archives October 8th, 2016

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  • Russell says:

    We will see if Ross Kay’s prediction results in an early and lasting drop in housing prices.
    His numbers make sense but somehow most buyers are nuts about housing and find ways to get around common sense.

    As for the government thinking 30 years down the road on personal assets or anything…give me a break.
    Governments in the west thinking range is about next week… unless they are fleecing us again on some bogus cause at the UN.

  • Tim says:

    I think he is right on the idea of a huge correction, not only in BC, but many parts of Canada. It is long overdue. Where he is definitely wrong is the idea that foreign ownership is only something like 8 percent in Vancouver. Having lived there for many years and seeing a massive increase in the number of Chinese over a 10 year period, those of us who live there know it is far more than 8 percent and that the government is too stupid to do anything about it. THere are so many scams of people laundering their money through Vancouver real estate, yet no one in the media mentions it.

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