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September 11, 2016 | You

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Two weeks ago this pathetic blog precociously asked, ‘who are you?’ After all, we’re anonymous (except me). It’s impossible to know the kinds of people who frequent a site that revels in insulting everyone, extols balance, mocks house horniness, irritates moisters and deifies dogs. Plus, if you just go by the comments section, a significant number of my readers should be institutionalized.

The response was thunderous, since everyone’s fav topic is themselves. By the time the smoke cleared, almost a thousand people (in 24 hours) divulged their incomes, real estate ownership, net worth and many other tasty details of personal lives. Some people claimed everyone else was making it up. Others wondered if I planned on selling the data to American Express. Or the CRA.

But it was just blog research. After all, it’s good to know who comes here so the insults can be more specific and targeted. Everyone takes themselves far too seriously, especially in Vancouver and 416. People buying $2 million semis deserve ridicule.

Anyway, the data’s in. Blog dog Steve, who apparently has no life, took two weeks to read all 923 comments, extract the personal data (eliminating the whiny bits) and compile it. Now we can compare who comes here with the financial situation of most Canadians.

For example, we know the median household income in the nation is $76,000, and that the average net worth is $680,000 – most of which sits in residential real estate. The average family has $252,000 in liquid assets, which also includes pensions. Understandably, Van-area families have a higher NW since house prices are insane there, at $710,100, while the number is $680,400 in Calgary (for now) and $653,700 in Toronto.

So where do blog dogs fit in?

Well, here you go. This is what Steve’s data-mining unearthed:


So the average blog reader has a net worth of $1.025 million, and earns $157,116. Surprisingly (perhaps) incomes among younger readers are w-a-y higher than the norm (over $203,000 among the thirtysomethings) while – no surprise – net worth peaks among the thirsty underwear crowd ($3.1 million for the sixtysomethings).

When it comes to being married or single, couples are definitely more prone to being well-off. Single readers have an average income of $94,432 and net worth of $791,000, while married readers earn $181,234 and have amassed $1.121 million. Plus, here’s an interesting tidbit: those of you saying you have gold-plated, defined-benefit pensions (mostly government employees) have a higher income ($163,000) but lower net worth ($683,833).

How accurate was this survey?

Beats me. But it seems if someone were coming here to make data up, they’d be more exotic about it. After all (as I said), we’re anonymous. What’s the point of lying about your income or possessions when nobody knows it’s you? This isn’t like buying a giant house in a sexy hood, parking a Lambo in front or recruiting a Trophy Spouse. It’s just about money – in a nation where most people are memorable for their debt.

So who are you?

Now you know. You’re rich. I’ll henceforth stop writing this blog in my skivvies and dog slippers, and proffer the respect you deserve.

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September 11th, 2016

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