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September 9, 2016 | America: the ‘Problem’ or the Solution?

Donald B. Swenson: Born January 24, 1943, Roseau, Minnesota. Graduated H.S. 1961, Moorhead High, Minnesota. Graduated College 1968, Moorhead State University, Minnesota. Designated member of Appraisal Institute (MAI), 1974. Employed with Western Life Insurance Company, 1968 – 71; Iowa Securities Company, 1971 – 73; American Appraisal Company, 1974 – 81. Part-time teacher/valuation consultant/bartender, 1979 – 2008 (taught workshops at Waukesha County Technical Institute, Wi. and Madison Area Technical College, Wi.). Retired 2008 (part time teacher/blogger), AZ. Self educated economist/philosopher/theologian:

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Since the end of WWII, America has dominated the political decision-making on planet Earth. The crucial dates which reveal America’s start could be the end of the Bretton Woods Monetary Agreement of 1944-46. After this conference the American ‘dollar’ became the reserve currency of the World and America’s military might was the ‘hammer’ which made all Nations bow to America’s will and her control. Control (also called ‘hegemony’) is what American politicians have exercised so that the ‘vision’ of our elites could be realized. Basically, America has desired to RULE planet Earth with her political ‘vision’ and ‘hubris’ since the end of WWII. But where has this led America as we end the  year 2016 and select our new political leaders this November?

For some 70+ years America has dominated economic and political decision-making on planet Earth. Today, as I write this missive, America has some 800 military bases scattered all over our planet. America controls the planet’s monetary system (mostly) with their digital currency called the ‘dollar’ and the ubiquitous digital payments system called Swift. America’s network of monetary control and military control has allowed our politicians to claim that America is ‘special’ and her vision is ‘right’ for everyone. This ‘hubris’ is now being exposed as a falsity and a growing group of political ‘enemies’ are surfacing daily. Basically, America is now ‘hated’ more than it is ‘loved’!

Nearly all of the Muslim nations ‘hate’ America today (2016). Some of the biggest competitors to America (economically and militarily) like Russia, China, Iran ‘hate’ American ‘hubris’ and America’s control over global decision-making. Recently, the G-20 and B-20 summits were held over in China for everyone to watch. Were American leaders respected and loved? I did not witness this emotion. What I witnessed was Mr. Putin scowling at Mr. Obama and the leader of the Philippines stating that our leader was a ‘son of a political whore’ (in his language). Although Mr. Duterte is now changing his meaning with respect to this comment (it appears).

A South East Asia political correspondent reported: “The Philippines President’s controversial “son of a whore” remark that caused President Barack Obama to cancel a planned meeting was actually directed at a reporter, according to President Rodrigo Duterte and Tagolog-speaking commentators.” “It’s just an expression, I don’t think it was directed to President Obama,” said Mr Panelo, according to the Philippines newspaper, The Inquirer. In response, Mr. Obama called Mr Duterte a “colourful guy” and asked US officials to find a way to have a productive meeting at another time. Comment: what all this suggests is that our political leadership is not ‘respected’ today as in prior periods when our leadership was desired by most Nations.

Today’s political campaign between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton also reveals that America’s ‘image’ in our World is cratering and collapsing fast. Recently, on Fox News, I listened to one of Mr. Trump’s military advisors (retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, who was chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Barack Obama from 2012-2014, and has been informally advising Trump). Mr. Flynn stated, on Fox News, that America can ‘defeat’ any enemy on planet Earth, including opposing aggressors and all opposing ‘ideologies’. He stated that America’s ideology is superior to the others. This ‘hubris’ is what I now witness among both political parties and all this reveals, to me, that America is now THE PROBLEM (mostly) and not the solution!

If American politicians continue with their mindset of political hubris and pride (assuming that WE are the saviors for the planet with the ONLY correct view of reality) then I think that America is destined for destruction (both politically, economically, and spiritually). America could be Babylon the Great (as prophesied in the book of Revelation). Soon our ‘protection’ and ‘favor’ in the halls of the spiritual realm could be removed and this means that America must either ‘repent’ or ‘perish’ (as the planet’s leader). The wrath of the Almighty could administer this result upon our American system of excessive pride and self-importance. Political hubris can be viewed as “in Greek tragedy…excessive pride toward or defiance of the gods, leading to nemesis.” This appears to be America in 2016 IMO!

The soon coming collapse of America’s phony monetary system (now mostly digits within cyberspace) could start this decline of American influence and global hegemony. Money rules over this planet and we now live with a fantasy monetary system which is mostly within our consciousness and not within ‘material’ reality (as the past). Silver and gold have been removed from circulation (since 1971) and digital currencies have been adopted as our legal tender. Digital currencies live within ‘cyberspace’ and this space is technically an ‘extension’ of our consciousness (within the human mind…not within observable reality). Our ‘dollar’ is a concept of our mind and it has NO definition based in material reality today. This means that it will eventually ‘disappear’ into our collective consciousness and become meaningless as a unit of value! Who is aware?

Global Capitalism was based upon a currency which had some material substance and existence. America started with a ‘dollar’ defined as 371.25 grains of silver. Today, all substance has been removed from our ‘dollar’ and we trade and exchange with a cyber (digital) unit of nothing. The unit has NO value (as historically recognized) and the unit is now created ‘out-of-nothing’ (the consciousness of banksters). Witness all the QE operations! Is this sound and lasting? I don’t think so! What I witness today is a collapsing financial system which eventually will ‘disappear’ back into our consciousness (our inner mental source). Think about this! We live today with a fantasy monetary system which is destined for TOTAL collapse and vanishment! Units of ‘nothing’ will eventually return to ‘nothing’! Wake-up traders/investors! Get out of this false/corrupt ‘system’!

Yes, America is now the PROBLEM on this planet and ‘not’ the solution! Our political leadership is corrupt and incompetent and our moral leadership has collapsed (for the many). The coming election will reveal this collapsing political system to the entire planet. Watch as November 8, 2016, approaches! Both Hillary and the Donald can not lead given what has transpired in recent years. We now need a NEW reset to the entire global monetary, political, and moral system. Our philosophy must change from being THE SOLUTION to being ‘the problem’. This could be difficult going forward but reality is reality! America is now (most likely) Babylon the Great (as prophesied in scripture) and this means that our Creator will administer the consequences! Think on this! I am:

Some images which reveal the fate of America going forward!

Image result for the american dollar about to collapse

The economy is based upon the American digital ‘dollar’! Digital money is phony/fantasy money!

Image result for the american dollar about to collapse

This ex-politician now desires to reveal the falsity of our monetary system! Congrats, Ron Paul!

Image result for define hubris

Two politicians whose decisions were not respected (after the consequences were revealed)!

Image result for define hubris

Politicians unaware of the consequences of their decisions (at the time)!

Image result for america's military might globally

The symbol of America’s military might (Might makes Right for America)! U.S. Pentagon is active in America’s WAR on TERROR! How can this create ‘peace’ on planet Earth

Image result for america's military bases around the world

America’s military hubris continues in 2016! Some 800 military bases!

Image result for America is a one-party state with two right wings. Fantasy democracy substitutes for the real thing, tyranny by any standard, might over right, equity and justice be damned.

American ‘exceptionalism’ revealed by words from America’s political leader!

Image result for Hillary's hubris displayed via her email server controversy

What ‘change’ would occur with a new Hillary regime? How would foreigners respond?

Image result for trump's foreign policy agenda

Bomb the ‘hell’ out of them…says Trump! But what would be the ‘consequences’ after this event?

Image result for trump's foreign policy agenda

Can this leader gain the moral ‘high ground’ (trust) given her past? 66% now say, NO!

Image result for do leaders trust the obama leadership, netanyahu and barack

Has ‘trust’ been lost with this leader? Where is this leading going forward?

Image result for is america babylon the great

Could America be Babylon the Great as prophesized in the book of Revelation? Give this some reflection! The end times are now here!

Image result for is america babylon the great

If you are looking for an analysis of Babylon the Great, to determine if it might be the United States of America, then this book is for you (

Image result for is america babylon in revelation

Could a sudden collapse of our digital ‘dollar’ lead to this end result? I think so!

Image result for banksters rule planet earth

Bank buildings are no longer needed! We now have ‘imaginary’ money living within cyberspace!

Image result for banksters rule planet earth

Global banksters now RULE over our planet! But who is aware?

Image result for banksters rule planet earth

A wise statesman and our primary founding Father of America (1776 and after)!

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September 9th, 2016

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