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August 8, 2016 | MONEY: Understanding the ‘Deceptions’, ‘Trickery’, ‘Chicanery’!

Donald B. Swenson: Born January 24, 1943, Roseau, Minnesota. Graduated H.S. 1961, Moorhead High, Minnesota. Graduated College 1968, Moorhead State University, Minnesota. Designated member of Appraisal Institute (MAI), 1974. Employed with Western Life Insurance Company, 1968 – 71; Iowa Securities Company, 1971 – 73; American Appraisal Company, 1974 – 81. Part-time teacher/valuation consultant/bartender, 1979 – 2008 (taught workshops at Waukesha County Technical Institute, Wi. and Madison Area Technical College, Wi.). Retired 2008 (part time teacher/blogger), AZ. Self educated economist/philosopher/theologian:


Today, I (we) live with ‘imaginary’ money and currencies and few discern this reality. Virtual reality is not discerned or understood and cyberspace can not be discerned by the many. Our financial pundits, traders, and investors seem ‘blinded’ to the realities of ‘money’. I have been writing and teaching about ‘money’ and its history for some 40+ years and I have discerned many areas of deception and trickery within this so-called profession. Many pundits and financial guru’s actually ‘worship’ money and their financial prowess to increase units of their imagination for themselves or others. We can discern this ‘worship’ as we read our newsletters, webcasts, and podcasts on our mobile devices and cyber machines daily. Money is a GOD to the many and when this God is ‘crushed’ (temporarily) many jump out the windows of our skyscrapers or act in similar ways. Why this behavior? Let’s review some of the deceptions of ‘money’ for those who can discern reality in the now.

Deception #1:  Does ‘money’ actually EXIST? In reality, money does not exist within our greater material universe. There is no such ‘thing’ as money to be found, located, dug-up, displayed, or presented (anywhere). Look all around you (right now)! Where is this ‘thing’ called money? It is not anywhere! It is nowhere to be found! It does not exist within our space/time universe. It’s a pure ‘illusion’ and/or ‘delusion’ of our minds! In reality, we are worshipping a ‘mirage’ or a ‘virtual’ vision of our minds. The stupidity of our blinded public is amazing. Nearly everyone wants this ‘no thing’ unit called money, yet it is (in reality) nowhere within our universe…and it can not be found or located anywhere on our planet. What deception which FEW discern! Money is merely a ‘word’ of our mind and this ‘word’ gets displayed as being real and present! The virtual nature of a ‘word’ confuses, blinds, and deceives nearly everyone! What a joke on humanity when fully understood!

Abstract ‘numbers’ displayed on paper deceives the many! Where do ‘numbers’ derive from? Think on this for a few seconds!

Deception #2:  Why do I (we) desire money? The original purpose of money was to ‘cover-up’ this concept of our mind called ‘value’. When I exchange (within Capitalism) an item of production with another country (or anyone) I need to give some logic and measurement to this imaginary concept called ‘value’ in exchange. I produce from the land and another person produces from the land (this is called ‘wealth’ or ‘value’). When I exchange my item with another I desire some equivalent ‘value’ in exchange. All this led to the eventual creation (invention) of this concept we call ‘money’. I produce wealth and you produce wealth. We then exchange our production or wealth with others. So we invented this ‘thing’ called money. This ‘thing’ was suppose to represent ‘value’ so an exchange could be viewed as ‘fair’, ‘logical’, and ‘equitable’. The evolution of ‘money’ started some 5000 revolutions (of our sun) prior to today. A revolution around our sun is called a year. The illusion of money started with people and today this deception is controlled by our monetary authorities (called our Central Banks).

My BRAIN is not the source of my money! My source is my MIND (consciousness)!

Money derives from my MIND. My ‘brain’ plays a subservient role!

Deception #3:  Does the ‘word’ money denote a ‘thing’ today? No it does not! The ‘word’ money today denotes a unit of my/your ‘consciousness’. Today, the ‘word’ money does not represent a ‘thing’ in space/time (our material universe) but is within our heads (called our invisible mind). Look all around you (right now)! Where is this ‘thing’ which represents ‘money’? Today, most all our so-called ‘money’ is circulated within this space called ‘cyberspace’. Who understands this space called ‘cyberspace’? What is it? Where is it? Who can locate or find it? Who inputs these units of ‘nothing’ (called cyber digits) into this space called ‘cyberspace’? Trillions of units are daily being inputed into ‘cyberspace’ and circulated within our computer screens to all corners of our planet. Some 5 trillion units circulate daily from one source to another source. All this so-called money is really ‘invisible’ to our five senses but present within our metaphysical consciousness. Look into my/your consciousness (if you can). This is where our so-called ‘money’ resides. Units of nothing (called imaginary ‘numbers’) assume the logic which we call ‘money’. What a deception when understood!

The game of virtual money started with the Federal Reserve Act (a bankster creation)!

Deception #4:  Do our central political authorities worship and control these ‘units’ of nothing which we accept as our money? Yes, because this concept called ‘money’ allows these elite power/brokers to exercise ‘control’ over the many for their personal benefit and wealth accumulation. Today, money is a ‘no thing’ which gets distributed mostly to those in positions of POWER. Those in power then use the logic of money to ‘control’, ‘manipulate’, and rig all our markets mostly for the benefit of the powerful and well-connected. This ‘non-thing’ (circulating in cyberspace) and created from the consciousness of power brokers operating behind closed doors (we call these elite our Central Bankers) rig, manipulate, and distribute these units of their consciousness so as to continue their hegemony of people and our entire planet. The game of money is now a CONTROL mechanism of our elites who then use this control mechanism to enslave the many so as to empower the few. The original purpose for ‘money’ (a tool to value wealth and reward those who create wealth/value) has been abandoned so the special FEW can rule planet earth. But who is aware of what is happening in real-time and within this invisible world called MONEY!

The world of Central Banking has become a world of mostly NON-sense!

Deception #5:  What is ‘virtual’ reality? Is this word representative of today’s monetary system? In reality, nearly 90 to 97% (it various from country to country) of our money is now living within this netherworld called ‘cyberspace’. This space is also called a ‘virtual’ space and/or ‘virtual reality’. We could compare our money today to the ‘vision’ of Christ being glorified after his death on the cross. Today, our money (originally silver and gold) has been ‘glorified’ and it now lives within this glorified space of our consciousness called cyberspace. Originally, we invented a ‘thing’ as our money! A ‘thing’ is composed of matter/mass and lives within our observable universe. This was our situation until 1971 (when Nixon closed the gold window to the world). Today, our money is ‘virtual’ (mere abstract ‘numbers’) which circulate within our ‘extended’ consciousness (also called cyberspace). Yes, our original money of flesh/matter (which had a body) is now ‘glorified’ into an abstraction of our mind. We could call this our ‘vision’ of money as (in reality) this vision does not exist (within our observable universe). We are now living an ‘illusion’, a ‘vision’, and/or a ‘virtual’ image. Money has become invisible and spiritual! Who discerns this reality? We now live in TWO worlds? Who is aware?

The virtualization or glorification of Christ is similar to today’s money (when understood)! Yeshua died and then was ‘glorified’! What is a ‘vision’ (in reality)?

What does ‘out of nothing’ mean? Can ‘nothing’ from ‘nothing’ last? What will happen eventually? Our vision of money is all within our mind!

Deception #6:  Money will continue forever as it is real and permanent! This is a myth and a delusion of our mind. In reality, a virtual unit of nothing will eventually ‘vanish’ into its original source (nothingness). The word spiritual or metaphysical is what I now witness within the so-called profession called economics. Economics is now a spiritual experience as I play with my ‘abstract’ spiritual numbers within my computer screen. All my investment accounts and savings accounts are now living within this spiritual space of nothingness. Abstract numbers get created by our power brokers (called our Central Banksters) and these abstract numbers get circulated and distributed to billions of customers who spend these units of nothingness for their survival needs. The game is a total illusion and fantasy when understood but it works for a season as everyone is deluded and unaware of their delusions. Lack of awareness allows this game of fantasy to continue for a ‘season’. People are mostly ‘blinded’ but this allows our elite power brokers to ‘enslave’ these puppies of the marketplace. What a shame that so few understand the game of MONEY!

Cyberspace is a form of virtual reality! What does ‘virtual’ mean? Is it physical?

Deception #7:  This deception of money can continue forever? In reality, this is false! Reality is a ‘word’ which means that events end when reality emerges! Deceptions and illusions can continue for a season but eventually REALITY emerges and prevails over everyone. My sense is that the ‘blindness’ of the many will change when this game of fantasy crashes suddenly. Cyber money is imaginary! Cyber money is spiritual! Cyber money is invisible! Cyber money is virtual! Cyber money vanishes when people’s confidence collapses (called the end of a cycle). Look all around you (right now)! Where is your cyber money (in reality)? Try locate it! Find it! Touch it! Smell it! Hear it! See it! Feel it! It is NOWHERE! Look outside and go get it! Look in your consciousness and there you will discover it! Turn inward and you may discover the ‘symbols’ and ‘abstractions’ which we all call MONEY! The game of money is an illusion, delusion, fantasy, and a system for ‘controlling’ and ‘enslaving’ the many! Think on this for a few minutes! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. To discern reality live in the NOW! Now reality reveals the illusions of money!



Children understand what is observable and material. A virtual flower would be rejected by our children! Money could be a ‘flower’ but not an abstraction within the MIND! We need to wake-up on the philosophy of ‘money’!

The NOW reveals today’s monetary deceptions! Look, listen, hear, feel, touch today’s cyber money! Impossible! What does this mean? Where is our money living today?

Cyber money is a delusion as it does NOT EXIST! Think on this! Look at your computer screen!
Globalization has created an opportunity for cyber money to enslave all mankind!
A cashless world is a world where the elite can enslave the masses of humanity with their control mechanisms! Where is all this leading going forward?
The Samsung Note 7 (soon here) has a ‘iris scan’ for password identification! Why has money become a tool for enslavement of the masses? Think about HUMAN NATURE! Is it time to eliminate money from this planet? I think so!
Money is an ‘illusion’, ‘delusion’, ‘fantasy’ of our mind! Can it be eliminated! YES, absolutely! Kingdom Economics is based upon a world without any money!

A world without money is emerging! (watch) (this is what is emerging) after the coming crash and collapse! The issues of money can be transcended if we so choose!

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August 8th, 2016

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