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May 9, 2016 | Why is World’s Best Fire Fighting Aircraft Grounded?

The Goddard Report

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  • Wayne Coulson –   Thousands of homes burn while Mars Water Bomber sits on a lake

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The Goddard Report Archives May 9th, 2016

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  • Avatar morgan gatton says:

    very sad, the gov’t is failing B.C. by not keeping the MARS flying.

  • Avatar Rob says:

    I’m thinking at this point that the BC government is sitting on crossed fingers hoping that Wayne does take the Mars to Oshkosh and finds both a new home so that their embarrassment can magically disappear and they can continue business as usual with their personal friends in Abbotsford.

    • Avatar Rod says:

      I agree Rob
      I wonder what the NDP stance on this would be.
      There is the argument that because the Mars uses Av Gas instead of Jet A fuel, that it’s too costly to fly. But Wayne had stated years ago that had BC kept a fire contract with them, he was going to convert the engines from piston driven to jet turbine. Huge initial investment but the lower fuel price would have offset the costs and the engines are much easier to get parts for than the ole piston engines it’s currently using.
      We must also remember that the big wig over at Con Air in Abbotsford is an ex member of Cristie’s liberal cabinet. I’m willing to bet that’s one of the big reasons why they have the contract.

    • Avatar Sheryl says:

      I thought I read somewhere that part of the original sale from Timberwest to the Coulson Group stipulated that at least one of the bombers had to remain permanently in Port Alberni, I could be wrong

  • Avatar Barry Postma says:

    Absolute nonsense that this aircraft is not being used! I`d be willing to bet that the ONLY reason the MARS is not contracted is simply a dollar issue. They don`t want to spend money on what they see as an old, out of date aircraft and the associated liability. Ridiculous!

  • Avatar Leslie Anne Davey says:

    iF ya’ll want to come join us at Martin Mars-Protecting BC, you will be more than welcome. We are a small group just under 1700 members that lobby through letter writing!

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