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May 23, 2016 | Was EgyptAir 804 accidentally shot down?

The Goddard Report

The Goddard Report is an alternative media source that delivers informative stories that are often ignored or underreported by the mainstream media. Hosted by veteran investigative reporter Jim Goddard.

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The Goddard Report Archives May 23rd, 2016

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  • Avatar Tony Veiga says:

    Michael accuses the press of immediately jumping to the conclusion that terrorism caused the crash of the Egypt Air flight and suggests that we wait until the evidence is in before we decide what happened. He then, however, strongly suggests that the plane was brought down accidentally by the military and uses the Iranian airliner shot down by the USS Vincennes and the TWA flight lost over Long Island as evidence. The Vincennes intentionally shot down the Iranian airliner because they thought it was an Iranian military airplane and that they were under attack. The US admitted the Navy’s responsibility immediately. The evidence led the accident investigation board to conclude that the TWA flight was downed because a faulty fuel pump ignited fuel vapor in a empty tank. There was no evidence whatsoever that the plane was shot down by a Aegis missile. I know a little about the military and about airplanes and I think the course of action initially suggested by Michael be followed: wait until the evidence is in.

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