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May 26, 2016 | The ‘Dollar’ — a ‘Unit’ of Consciousness!

Donald B. Swenson: Born January 24, 1943, Roseau, Minnesota. Graduated H.S. 1961, Moorhead High, Minnesota. Graduated College 1968, Moorhead State University, Minnesota. Designated member of Appraisal Institute (MAI), 1974. Employed with Western Life Insurance Company, 1968 – 71; Iowa Securities Company, 1971 – 73; American Appraisal Company, 1974 – 81. Part-time teacher/valuation consultant/bartender, 1979 – 2008 (taught workshops at Waukesha County Technical Institute, Wi. and Madison Area Technical College, Wi.). Retired 2008 (part time teacher/blogger), AZ. Self educated economist/philosopher/theologian:

What is the ‘dollar’ in reality? That is the question for today! Is it a ‘thing’ which exists out in our real material world? Is it an ‘object’ which one can identify with one’s senses? Just what is this ‘unit’ which we all think is so special. Everyone wants more ‘dollar’s. We call this our ‘wealth’. If I have more ‘dollars’ I can buy myself a trip to China (or wherever). I can purchase a mansion on a hill or an ocean front villa. All these material accumulations are given to those with ‘dollars’ (lots of ‘dollars’). But just want is this ‘unit’ of currency which we call ‘dollar’? Let’s drill down on this issue today!

This is technically NOT a dollar! This is a PAPER note with words and images engraved upon it! What I want to understand is:  What (in reality) is a DOLLAR?

Today, I went for breakfast at McDonald’s. I own the McDonald’s App. Today, I could purchase a breakfast sandwich and get my coffee free. Each day I receive some gift from this App. When I pay for my items I merely scan my mobile phone into the mechanical ‘reader’ and the transaction is complete. Where did I obtain the ‘dollars’ for this transaction? I had no physical ‘thing’ to give the counter person. I merely ‘thought’ about what I desired for breakfast and then scanned the ‘reader’. Let’s think on this process! I can now ‘think’ within my ‘consciousness’ (my mind) and then receive units of real physical ‘wealth’ (the sandwich and the coffee).

The items above are images of real physical wealth (in economics we call these items ‘goods’)! Our currency units are supposed to measure the ‘value’ of these items!

Ultimately, where did the ‘dollars’ come from…which allowed this purchase transaction? I now get my social security dollars (called my income) directly from the computer in Washington D.C. and this computer sends me a ‘direct deposit’ into my computer bank account on the 4th Wednesday of every month. My ‘dollars’ arrive per an ‘algorithm’ every month and get deposited directly into my computer account at Wells Fargo. Now let’s ask: where did the computer in Washington D.C. get the dollars (mere numbers/digits) so that an ‘algorithm’ could transfer these units of legal tender to me? What happens is that our Treasury in Washington D.C. has lots of ‘dollar’ digits within their computer account. This allows them to use an ‘algorithm’ to send me my units of legal tender.

Our Treasury Department in Washington D.C. has a computer which stores its ‘dollar’ digits! Our so-called money today emerges as ‘digits’ within our computer screen!

Now let’s ask: where did our Treasury computer get the ‘dollar’ digits for their computer account? These ‘dollar’ digits’ come mostly from their sale of virtual cyber bonds to various dealer banks. Who ultimately buys these cyber bonds if our Treasury needs additional ‘dollar’ digits to honor their dollar obligations? What happens is that our Central Bank (called the Fed) ultimately buys these cyber bonds by ‘creating’ new dollar digits within their computer account. Ultimately, it is our Central Bank, and the policies of a select few banksters (operating behind closed doors) which create our ‘dollar’ digits OUT OF THEIR ‘consciousness’ (their mind or their thinking). Let’s drill down on this concept called ‘consciousness’!

America’s Central Bank within the Eccles Building in Washington D.C. This is where the ‘inner’ world of finance originates! It’s mostly ‘ideas’ and ‘thinking’ BEHIND closed doors! The public is unwelcome in this world of ‘ideas’!

My ‘inner’ being lives in a ‘world’ which is not physical or material. This world is what I call my ‘consciousness’. I might also call this world my ‘mind’. This ‘inner’ world of my ‘consciousness’ or my ‘mind’ is the source of my ‘words’, my ‘ideas’, my ‘policies’, my ‘thinking’, my ‘perceptions’, my ‘symbols”, my ‘numbers’, and ALSO the legal tender currency which we call THE DOLLAR. Ultimately, the unit of currency which I call ‘dollar’ comes from (is derived from) my ‘inner’ thinking ‘consciousness’! So what is this realm of reality which I call my ‘consciousness’? Is it the same as my BRAIN? Some seem to think that my words, ideas, policies, perceptions, and thinking derive from my BRAIN? Is this reality, however? Let’s think further on this issue!

These ‘thinkers’ have an INNER world mostly focused upon $$$ symbols and $$$ creations! This ‘inner’ world of Consciousness is where our so-called money originates! Think on this! $$$ derive from an INNER world!

In reality, folks, my BRAIN is not my MIND and it is not my CONSCIOUSNESS. My three-pound physical  ‘brain’ has NO operational ability without receiving instructions from my metaphysical MIND (my inner world). My ‘mind’ precedes any operational ability of my ‘brain’ (and my brain neurons/synapses). This invisible, non-physical realm called my ‘mind’ and/or my ‘consciousness PRECEDES the functioning aspects of my ‘brain’. MIND is the originating source of my legal tender unit which I call our DOLLAR. In reality, folks, our ‘dollar’ is nothing but a UNIT OF CONSCIOUSNESS (nothing). This unit called our ‘dollar’ has NO existence within our space/time universe! Try FIND it! Try LOCATE it! Try HOLD it in your hand! Try SEE it! I wish you luck! In reality, folks, our currency units (dollar, yen, pound, krona, euro, etc. are merely UNITS OF CONSCIOUSNESS (imaginations)!

Did Einstein’s Brain create E=mc2? From where did Albert obtain his ‘ideas’, ‘words’, ‘thinking’? Did he have a MIND and/or CONSCIOUSNESS?

Today, we have a world finance system which is mostly within our ‘inner’ thinking (metaphysical) CONSCIOUSNESS. Our debt is now within cyberspace (our extended consciousness). Our savings are now within cyberspace. Our investments are now within cyberspace. Cyberspace is merely an ‘extension’ of my/your ‘consciousness’. This means that our entire financial system is basically within our INNER world of imagination! We live in an ‘imaginary’ world of finance and most have NO clue as to this reality! THINK and grow rich is now a reality! Become a Central Banker and you can create your own ‘dollars’ (called money) OUT OF NOTHING and FROM your ‘inner’ world of thinking (your Consciousness)! Enjoy this issue of Kingdom Economics! I am:

Some images which reveal today’s realities about money, finance, and consciousness!

Our currencies live within this netherworld called Cyberspace! Understanding cyber $$$ is now necessary!

Robots and Algorithms now create our ‘prices’ and virtual symbols represent our imaginary wealth!

There is NO money to show today! All is within my/your CONSCIOUSNESS! Cyberspace represents our extended consciousness!

Our historical ‘money’ is now ‘valued’ with cyber (coded) ‘algorithms’ within Cyberspace! The ‘price’ or ‘value’ of a coin is rigged, manipulated, and controlled via ALGORITHMS! We still call this Capitalism…but is it?



Robots, algo’s, create our charts and deception is rampant within our electronic markets! Are UP stock markets indications of prosperity?

Price discovery via Open Outcry has been eliminated! Cyberspace and computers have replaced human beings! Machines rule over all markets today!

This Algo Robot can trade cyber symbols ($$$) and operate at near the speed of light! Most trades are now accomplished via algo’s and robots!



The Tribe of Judah has blessed our world with the smartest elites on issues of money! Gentiles take a back seat to these elite from the Tribe of Judah!



Our World finance system (2016) is ruled by Central Bankers (operating BEHIND closed doors)! Today, many meet in Japan for the G-7 meetings and Agenda 2030 policies!



Sweden is now 98% cashless, Denmark is close, America is following and soon could be ‘cashless’! The Mark of the Beast could emerge within the next couple of years! BEWARE!

G-7 meets in Japan (today) and Agenda 2030, world economy, and secret polices come from the ‘consciousness’ of these elites! Watch out for some new policies, regulations, mandates, and deceptions! Select elites RULE over planet Earth!

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May 26th, 2016

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