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April 18, 2016 | Monetary Policy, QE, Dollar, Digits!

Donald B. Swenson: Born January 24, 1943, Roseau, Minnesota. Graduated H.S. 1961, Moorhead High, Minnesota. Graduated College 1968, Moorhead State University, Minnesota. Designated member of Appraisal Institute (MAI), 1974. Employed with Western Life Insurance Company, 1968 – 71; Iowa Securities Company, 1971 – 73; American Appraisal Company, 1974 – 81. Part-time teacher/valuation consultant/bartender, 1979 – 2008 (taught workshops at Waukesha County Technical Institute, Wi. and Madison Area Technical College, Wi.). Retired 2008 (part time teacher/blogger), AZ. Self educated economist/philosopher/theologian:

G-20 and IMF officials on Saturday, April 16, pledged more forceful efforts to stimulate the global economy. The hope is that stronger growth can boost long-stagnant wages and combat a rising backlash against international globalization. The finance leaders said they would use all the policy tools available to promote “strong sustainable, inclusive, job-rich, and more balanced global growth.” The joint statement came from the policy-setting panel of the 189 nation International Monetary Fund at the end of its spring meeting in Washington D.C. Representing the United States were Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, and Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen.

World meeting held in Washington D.C. on April 15-17, 2016. What do our central planners have for us?

So what specifically stimulates the global economy? The ‘tools’ which have been used are QE (quantitative easing and/or official counterfeiting) and low-interest rates…now negative interest rates. What specifically is QE and how does this monetary policy work? Are you aware that QE means creating official dollar legal tender units (digital $’s by the Fed) or another counter-currency (also digits) by other country’s Central Bank. This entire QE concept started mostly with Ben Bernanke in 2008 and this concept has now been adopted by many additional Central Bankers (globally). The People’s Bank of China, the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan, the Bank of Sweden, the Bank of England, the Swiss Central Bank and probably many others use this policy (called QE) when they desire to ‘stimulate’ growth. What to our Keynesian bankers call growth?

Mark Carney, Jack Lew, and Janet Yellen. These monetary policy elite run our planet (mostly)!

Asset purchases (also called QE by our officials) are supposed to ‘stimulate’ and/or ‘elevate’ existing asset prices and also corporate earnings…so that stock prices go up, bond values increase, mortgage rates go down, and companies increase earnings so they might continue to borrow more digits. It’s called Keynesian economics…where prices continually increase (called general inflation) and consumers spend and borrow until a new prosperity emerges from this borrow/spend/stimulus policy. The negative side of all this Keynesian ‘stimulus’ is that our gross debt increases, borrowers become more enslaved with debt, and ultimately the entire economy reaches a level of debt which suffocates everyone. This is what our Keynesian IMF and G-20 have adopted as their monetary policy going forward! Where is this leading us? Check out: for some prior results!

The IMF officials along with our Central Bankers plan economic growth for our planet! These are the ‘elite’!

All this false ‘stimulus’ leads us to more debt enslavement and ultimately to a global debt/liquidity crisis where asset prices crash, stock markets crash, bond markets crash, mortgage markets crash, and all the derivatives markets crash and collapse! This is our destiny under this grand scheme called Keynesian economics (a one-way street to economic hell). Today, this model of economics has reached crisis levels in real-time. We now live with digital currencies globally (called money) which have no legitimate role except to prevent this ultimate destiny from happening today! Few comprehend what our corrupt finance ministers and Central authorities are doing to the world and to all inhabitants on this planet. The entire planet is now heading for the CRASH of all history! And it has already STARTED! The one-way street is now coming to an END!



The G-20 and our Central Bankers make monetary policy for planet Earth and all consumers/citizens!

Our ‘real’ economy (the economy of goods and physical wealth) has started its decline into our spiritual economic hell already…as values, prices, debts implode gradually and relentlessly. Few understand as our economy is mostly ‘invisible’ to the eye which looks outward. In reality, however, our economy is mostly an ‘inward’ event which few discern. Today, our money/credit/debt is created out of nothing. Let’s think about this currency unit which we call ‘dollar’. Where is this official unit of legal tender ‘located’? Are you aware of the ‘location’ of this currency unit called the ‘dollar’? Where do our Central Bankers (who create the policy called QE) obtain their units of currency (say, the ‘dollar’)? Can anyone on this planet ‘locate’ this THING called the ‘dollar’ ($)? Where does in live? Is it ‘located’ someplace outside one’s mind (say like an ‘apple’ or ‘orange’)? Just WHERE is this unit (called our money) ‘located’?

Janet Yellen, chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve, left, talks to Jacob "Jack" Lew, U.S. Treasury secretary, during a Group of 20 (G-20) finance ministers and central bank governors group photo on the sidelines of the spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Friday, April 15, 2016. Group of 20 economies threatened to penalize tax havens that dont share information on their banking clients, after the leak of the Panama Papers provoked a global uproar over tax evasion. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Jack Lew


What are these two ‘thinking’? Can anyone discern ‘inner’ thoughts? Is our ‘dollar’ ultimately an ‘inner’ thought?

I am looking out my window at this moment. I can not ‘locate’ this so-called ‘thing’ called our ‘dollar’! Let’s say that I am the Central Banker who heads up our Fed (the American Central Bank). How would I create a QE ‘dollar’ which could be used to ‘stimulate’ our economy? Would I call up the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and ask them to ‘print’ a paper note dollar? Would I exchange some gold or silver in the marketplace so I could obtain existing ‘dollar(s)’? Just WHERE would I go to get this unit called our ‘dollar’ so I can ‘stimulate’ our economy? My monetary policy calls for more Keynesian dollar ‘stimulus’ to keep our economy from decline and collapse. I must ‘locate’ new and additional ‘dollars’ for this goal of Keynesian stimulus. So WHERE must I go for new ‘stimulus’? Think on this issue for a minute!

Paper is paper…but what is a ‘digit’ within cyberspace (our computer screen)? Where is it ‘located’?

In reality, there is NO SUCH ‘thing’ as a DOLLAR within our material space/time universe (or on our planet). Paper is paper, gold is gold, silver is silver, and digits are digits. Today, I desire to stimulate our economy with QE digits. Paper notes and silver/gold coins are not relevant for most of today’s monetary transactions. Where do I get these ‘digits’ from? Think on this for a minute! Are there any ‘digits’ outside my mind which I can access for my QE monetary policy? Where are they? In reality, these monetary ‘digits’ do not exist within our space/time material universe. So WHERE must I go for this QE stimulus? Must I go into my ‘inner’ mind (brain for those who are not dualists)? Must I merely THINK up some dollar symbols mentally and then go to my Central Bank computer? What must I do at my computer desk? Must I ‘type’ into my computer ‘numbers/digits’ and call these ‘numbers/digits’ my legal tender dollars? Think on this for a minute!

Paulson and Bernanke (thinking privately)! Ben thinks up QE for his SOMA account in New York!


Behind ‘closed’ doors is where Central Bankers operate and where new units of money emerge!

As a Central Banker I can create my legal tender unit (say the dollar) via merely ‘typing’ numbers into my computer ACCOUNT! What then can I do with these newly created ‘numbers’ (called legal tender money)???

And the ‘WORD’ was made money! The ‘Logos’ creates and the ‘Consumer’ spends! Money emerges from our spiritual Heaven (the ‘mind’ of a Central Banker operating ‘behind’ closed doors)! Are these people operating a criminal Ponzi scheme?

Can these cyber criminals continue the Ponzi scheme forever? Few can discern the ‘nature’ of money! One must ‘think’ on the subject matter to discern what is happening in real-time markets!

Creating money ‘out of thin air’ is one metaphor for the monetary policy which we call QE. Another metaphor is creating money ‘out of nothing’ (my mind). Personally, I like the concept called ‘official counterfeiting’ of our imaginary dollar. What I do today for monetary policy (QE) is merely THINK up imaginary numbers (in my mind) and then ‘TYPE’ digits into my Central Bank computer to serve as new money and/or official legal tender. Once I have my billions of new cyber digits within my computer screen, I can then exchange these cyber digits for other assets, other collateral, other bonds, stocks, corporate IOU’s, etc., etc. I can now STIMULATE my economy with this ‘liquidity’ derived from my PRIOR thinking! I call this MONEY from HEAVEN (my inner spiritual MIND)! Is any of this SOUND economic policy for our nation and our world? Think on this for a minute! Enjoy this challenge in thinking! I am:

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April 18th, 2016

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