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September 1, 2015 | Market Fears Rising

Adrian Mastracci

Adrian Mastracci, Discretionary Portfolio Manager, B.E.E., MBA. My expertise in the investment and financial advisory profession began in 1972. I graduated with the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from General Motors Institute in 1971. I then attended the University of British Columbia, graduating with the MBA in 1972. I have attained the “Discretionary Portfolio Manager” professional designation. I am committed to offering clients the highest standard of personal service by providing prompt, courteous and professional attention. My advice is objective, unbiased and without conflicts of interest. I’m part of a team that delivers comprehensive services and best value in managing client wealth.

“Market fears are once again rising. Investors want to find the calm of the sidelines.”

“Data releases are often conflicting,” notes Mastracci, “Europe, China and the US occupy the headlines practically every day.”

These major markets have dropped from their 52-week highs:

TSX – 14.2%

DJIA – 12.7%
S&P500 – 10.8%

Such moves should not be surprises.
Especially after the run-up since 2009.

The long-term looks more optimistic; the short-term is quite blustery.

Managing risks continues as priority one, regardless of market behaviour.

Buy a little when everybody sells.

Sell a little when everybody buys.

Mastracci concludes, “Markets tend to change rather quickly. Investing is about looking beyond what is happening today.”

Talk soon,


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September 1st, 2015

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