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September 24, 2015 | A Tory Harvest

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GreaterFool poll: over 7,000 votes & a decisive result

There will be a majority Conservative government on the morning of Tuesday, October 20th, led by a man most Canadians hate. So much for being a normal country.

Here are the final party standings of the GreaterFool poll of over 7,000 readers: Cons 45.5%, Libs 25.0%, NDP 19.3%, Greens 10.2%.

And here’s the actual tabulation, showing the votes cast (click to enlarge):


A normal political poll is one of 1,000 people. A hefty one, such as the two released yesterday, talks to 2,000 voters. The GreaterFool poll was completed by almost  7,200 readers, nation-wide. The latest voter survey released this week concluded on Tuesday and took a week. Our poll went offline at 3 pm today (Thursday) and was live for the previous 27 hours.

So, it’s juicy fresh. But is it accurate?

Time will tell, but the polling program used here recorded IP addresses and blocked attempts at multiple votes. So it appears more than seven thousand people actually did vote in the day-long period. Were there trolls, party activists and political militants taking part? Without a doubt. But they vote in elections, too.

And how about the audience? Doesn’t this pathetic blog which focuses on hormones, bungalows and ETFs appeal mainly to the radical, wealthy, Republicanesque, capitalist, right-wing, investing, TFSA-loving overlord class? Maybe. But at the same time the comments section for the last month has been brimming with the bile of those lefty Harper-haters who crave change, plus social justice and argued passionately for higher taxes on the rich and evil corps.

So, here’s a surprise. Overwhelmingly those completing the poll want the TFSA limit of $10,000 maintained (86%), do not support higher corporate taxes (66%), oppose moving the minimum wage to $15 (63.8%) and don’t think higher income-earners should be taxed further (63.5%)

All of the actual results are below. Plus two highly interesting ones: almost a third of those polled say they plan on switching their political allegiance in this election. And more than half (56%) profess they hate the man many of them are ready to re-elect. This is in direct parallel with the trends seen in the latest national polls (Ekos and Leger) which show the Cons gaining ground, despite disliking the boss.

Conclusion? Trudeau and Mulcair blew it. A giant appetite for change in the man leading Canada is being suppressed in favour of status-quo economic policies. A big whack of people are willing to hold their nose and vote for a guy they’re dead tired of, since the Libs and Dippers totally missed the mark on what the middle class really wants. We’re not so dumb, after all, says the poll. TFSAs are a hope for future wealth. Taxing the rich more kills incentive to succeed. Kicking corps risks more job loss. Ditto with the pizza joint having to pony up a higher minimum wage. And, mostly, with the world volatile and the economy a swamp, is this the time for more taxes, more spending and more government?

Guess not.

But the biggest lesson here? Never, ever think the nutjobs in the comments section speak for the many. They’re cute. But they don’t hunt.

(Click chart to enlarge)


To address any concerns, here is a link to the final auto-tabulated results, so you can witness the authenticity of these results for yourself.

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September 24th, 2015

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