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August 5, 2015 | It’s the DETAILS which reveal how our markets are rigged!

Donald B. Swenson: Born January 24, 1943, Roseau, Minnesota. Graduated H.S. 1961, Moorhead High, Minnesota. Graduated College 1968, Moorhead State University, Minnesota. Designated member of Appraisal Institute (MAI), 1974. Employed with Western Life Insurance Company, 1968 – 71; Iowa Securities Company, 1971 – 73; American Appraisal Company, 1974 – 81. Part-time teacher/valuation consultant/bartender, 1979 – 2008 (taught workshops at Waukesha County Technical Institute, Wi. and Madison Area Technical College, Wi.). Retired 2008 (part time teacher/blogger), AZ. Self educated economist/philosopher/theologian:

The old saying ‘the Devil is in the details’ is a valid statement of reality! When I seek the details of why the gold/silver prices are suppressed continually (now for over four years) the logic of price suppression emerges. The details reveal that our ‘prices’ (now digital/cyber/imaginary) are mostly computer generated (by traders who operate mostly without any transparency via their trading activity). Trading strategies (like the ‘naked short’ strategy) reveal how the electronic ‘spot’ price of silver/gold is controlled, manipulated, and suppressed within our realtime global markets. The vast majority of our gold/silver commentators and nearly all our financial pundits mostly ignore ‘details’. They espouse deceptive generalities which ignore these important details and trading strategies.

Most pundits ignore the important ‘details’ which are at the core of our markets!

Listen to the pundits at CNBC/MSNBC/FOX for evidence! The general view is that market ‘prices’ are set ONLY by forces of supply and demand. This lack of discernment (on the issue of the ‘details’) by our financial media and our financial pundits distorts reality and provides false and deceptive information to the general public as well as to our silver/gold investors.When I dig into the specific ‘details’, however, I discover that all our ‘prices’ today are mostly generated within cyberspace (by trading activity) and via subjective trading strategies. Traders (including our Central Bank traders) can now create artificial (controlled) ‘prices’ via select trading strategies (using algorithms for the execution of the trading strategy). Few, however, seem aware of this reality within our global cyber markets!

This graph reveals how today’s prices can be manipulated/suppressed via algorithmic trading! Prices are now mostly computer generated within the subjective space called…Cyberspace!

But who is aware of this? Who has looked into the ‘details’ of how select trading strategies (like ‘shorting’ silver/gold contracts within our electronic futures markets) can effect and suppress the ‘spot’ prices of both silver and gold. Who understands the concept of the ‘naked short’ strategy and how this strategy can create a huge ‘artificial’ supply of imaginary gold/silver so that the ‘spot prices’ of silver/gold are suppressed within our physical markets? Who discerns that select traders (operating behind closed doors/with no transparency) can manipulate, control, and suppress the computer generated ‘spot’ price and thus create the deception that real physical silver/gold is in a bear market (where demand is declining and/or supply is sharply increasing)? Who discerns this deception within our global cyber markets?

Prices are now subjective and not created via real supply/demand in an open/free marketplace! Algorithms create most of our prices today! Algorithms are subjective tools for manipulating prices via the computer!

The media and most financial pundits continue to espouse the deceptive rhetoric that supply and demand sets all our ‘prices’. This false rhetoric has deceived most investors and has led to a lack of trust in the vast majority of our financial commentators and our financial pundits. Whom can the general public and our investors trust today (given this reality)? Who looks into the ‘details’ and discerns what is really happening behind the cover of official media deceptions? I would suggest…FEW! The one person who does seek reality and the details is Paul Craig Roberts. His reporting on the gold/silver suppression scheme has been mostly accurate and complete. GATA is also to be commended for their revelations on these issues! CNBC, however, mostly generates false deceptions for the masses of confused investors.

Notice the huge drop in ‘price’! Which trade could create this drop in ‘price’? Does supply and demand set our ‘prices’ today in the silver/gold markets? I don’t think so!

Personally, I discerned this ‘price’ suppression scheme some five years prior to today. I looked into the trading strategies and the new computer use of ‘algorithms’ in the execution of trades (in realtime). I discerned how algorithms, coded software programs, and computer trading could manipulate, control, and suppress realtime prices within all our global markets. Rigging of our silver/gold markets became obvious after watching realtime algorithmic trading via my smart phone and my home computer. I also attended many trading conferences (in Las Vegas) to watch how algorithms and select software platforms could execute realtime trades. The concept of the ‘naked short’ was especially revealing on this issue! This strategy can create an imaginary SUPPLY of silver or gold to suppress the electronic spot price! This then suppresses the price of the physical metal and deceives the masses of investors who think supply/demand sets our prices!

A legitimate short sale consists of borrowing stock prior to a sale. A ‘naked short’ involves imaginary stock or contracts and no delivery of the physical commodity! This deception is ignored by most of our pundits!

I am now totally convinced that rigging of the ‘spot’ prices of silver/gold is possible and ubiquitous within our realtime electronic markets. Computers are designed for manipulation of data and information. Computer trading is now global and there is a lack of transparency when trades are executed. Today, our ‘prices’ are nearly 100% computer generated and all this is done within what we call Cyberspace. Understanding the nature of Cyberspace is another ‘detail’ which most financial pundits and our media seem to avoid. Are you aware that Cyberspace is different from realtime material space (that which we call Space/time)? What is Cyberspace to you? Why is Cyberspace ideal for price manipulation?

Notice all the one’s and zero’s! These bits create our text, images, words, concepts which we express within our computer screen. This is within what we call Cyberspace! Cyberspace is really an extension of our Consciousness!

Are you aware that Cyberspace is really a ‘memory’ space which derives from our human Consciousness (Mind)? Cyberspace is much different from the space we witness via our flesh/blood bodies! And who is aware of the ‘nature’ of Consciousness (and the human Mind)? What is Consciousness? What is the Mind (when compared to my/your Brain)? Why is Consciousness so difficult to understand and comprehend? Why is Cyberspace (where our money $$$ now resides) so different from physical Space/time? These ‘details’ are necessary to understand if one desires to discern today’s markets and the deceptions which emerge from our many financial commentators and financial pundits! We now need to seek out these details as our markets have changed! Capitalism has changed! Finance has changed!

The human Mind is not the same as my/your Brain! What is the difference is very important when discerning reality and our financial markets today! We live within TWO realms of reality!

The one ‘detail’ that is essential for understanding all the above is the ‘nature’ of our $ (dollar). What is our ‘dollar’ today? Who discerns that this unit of value is totally imaginary and a mental abstraction? Who discerns that a mental abstraction is also a unit of Consciousness? Who discerns that a mental abstraction is not within our space/time reality? Think on the issue of: What is our $ (dollar) today? Is this unit within our space/time reality or not? Where is it? What is it? Who creates this unit of nothing? Who controls this unit of Consciousness? Which sources/authorities create this unit? How is this unit created in realtime? Can a mental abstraction work as a viable unit for measuring the ‘value’ of assets/collateral? Why is Cyberspace a subjective marketplace and ideal for our authorities to manipulate via computers? Think on this issue!

Today, our $ is revealed as a ‘digit’ within our computer screen! Who creates these ‘digits’? How? Where? Is human Consciousness the source of these ‘digits’/’bits’/’cyber units’? What does this mean? Who understands today’s $? Bitcoin is virtual and so is our bit-dollar!

Yes, it’s the DETAILS which allow me and you to discern reality! Few seem to desire to dig into these ‘details’. The vast majority of financial commentators and media pundits do not seek reality or the details which reveal reality! The Devil is in the Details! Truth is in the Details! The broad road (of generalities) leads to destruction and huge deceptions! Seek out the Details if you desire to discern what is happening today. Personally, I like the hard realities which emerge from those who seek ‘truth’ and ‘details’. There are a growing group of thinkers who now desire these hard realities and details. Personally, I like personalities who reveal the shenanigans which many of our authorities hide behind. I like ‘truth’ and ‘details’. What about you?

Can anyone discern what is in the MIND of these politicians? Does their rhetoric reveal their inner thinking and desires? What do you think?

Who above will reveal their ‘details’ when they espouse their perspectives? Will anyone provide any meaningful ‘details’? I will watch to discern! What meaning derives from mere generalities?

Watch the debates which start tomorrow (August 6) between our select politicians desiring to rule over us? Watch and discern their thinking! Watch if these campaigners reveal details underlying their views on the issues or mere generalities (deceptions)! Generalizations are mostly meaningless without the ‘details’! We all desire peace, love, freedom, positive emotions, growth, winning strategies in foreign policy, globalization of economics, low inflation, strong currencies, etc., etc. But who has the ‘details’ to create this environment? Who understands what comes out of the mouths of these politicians? Are they sound thinkers or mere puppets of deception? Think about DETAILS when you listen tomorrow! Enjoy! I am:

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August 5th, 2015

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