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Ross Kay

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Ross is currently Canada's only authority on Real Estate Transactional Data (RETD) in Canada and through this expertise and the relationships he has built with 100's of licensed to trade practitioners, is the only person in Canada to have reviewed and analyzed millions of real estate trades from 1990 onward. His understanding of the power held within RETD, combined with a personal involvement of over 1500 real estate transactions opened opportunities for insight that are unique in North America today. Radio - Toronto Star’s “Ask Joe” Doesn’t Know Jack About Real Estate

November 7th, 2017 | Impact of New Mortgage Rules Radio - Foreign Buyer Tax Loopholes and Buying Guides Radio - Most “Home Buying Guides” Misleading, Harmful to Buyer Radio - Vacant Homes – A Billboard for Fraud? Radio - Can Mortgage Debt be Rolled Over Fast Enough to Sustain Economy? Radio - Can Calgary Taxpayers avoid risk, building new NHL rink? Radio - Real Estate Industry Covering Up Their Miserable Failure Rate? Radio - Trudeau Government and Foreign Buyers vs. Canadian Homeowners Radio - CREA Projections Wildly Inaccurate.  Are Realtor Databases Safe from Hackers? Radio - BC banning “double ended sales” does nothing to protect buyers Radio - Why Victoria Real Estate numbers don’t match up with Vancouver’s? Radio - Why Vancouver Condo Prices Seem Higher Radio - How to get the best bargain when house hunting Radio - Why Vancouver Real Estate can’t be compared to Toronto market action? Radio - Are Reverse Mortgages a Good Idea? Radio - Why are realtors removing quotes from their websites? Radio - Vancouver condo prices; not higher, just higher quality being bought Radio - Bank of Canada ignoring its own real estate research Radio - Why Real Estate Board stats are so misleading. Radio - Toronto real estate experiencing a “contraction bump” Radio - Flawed BC  real estate laws favor foreign buyers at tax assessment time Radio - White Rock “Brown Water” – a home sale killer. Radio - Banks and Bank of Mom and Dad Radio - Will NDP-Green government be disastrous for BC home values? Radio - Millennials – Rent or Buy?
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