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Donald B. Swenson: Born January 24, 1943, Roseau, Minnesota. Graduated H.S. 1961, Moorhead High, Minnesota. Graduated College 1968, Moorhead State University, Minnesota. Designated member of Appraisal Institute (MAI), 1974. Employed with Western Life Insurance Company, 1968 – 71; Iowa Securities Company, 1971 – 73; American Appraisal Company, 1974 – 81. Part-time teacher/valuation consultant/bartender, 1979 – 2008 (taught workshops at Waukesha County Technical Institute, Wi. and Madison Area Technical College, Wi.). Retired 2008 (part time teacher/blogger), AZ. Self educated economist/philosopher/theologian:

Kingdom Economics - Today, I went outdoors and looked all over for this ‘thing’ called Money. I looked up in the sky and found no Money. I looked at nature and found no Money. I looked at all the mountains around my venue which contain minerals, elements, and natural objects but found no Money. Under the earth and […]

Kingdom Economics - The past six years have revealed the psychology of our Central Planners! Their goal is to ‘suppress’ the prices of silver and gold to reduce global sentiment for these historic monies. Why are they doing this? They desire to promote a new cyber/digital currency unit for the planet. Cyber money gives these Central Planners control […]

Kingdom Economics - We now live under the enslavement of cyber money, passwords, electromagnetic frequencies, and a Centralized System of Authority (which controls all markets and soon all individuals). Freedom of thought is being censored by those who desire to promote Globalism, Centralization, and a Fascist/Totalitarian State. Our recently elected leader called Donald Trump is now part of […]

Kingdom Economics - The key to understanding our electronic/cyber markets is to comprehend what happens in real-time when $$$ (money) is created. Let’s assume I am a banker and I desire to make you a personal loan. Let’s assume a 1 million loan ($). Do I need prior deposits in my commercial bank accounts (with the Fed) to […]

Kingdom Economics - All our trading markets are now electronic and all these markets now operate within cyberspace. This situation allows our central planners to create markets which are controlled, manipulated, and monitored by centralized computerized trading strategies. The rules established by our central planners provides for a system where everyone is at the mercy of the insiders […]

Kingdom Economics - The next few missives will focus upon understanding our cyber markets and how these new index markets work in real-time. Today, I would like to focus on what happened over in Brazil on Thursday, May 18. This market crashed some 10% before recovering slightly. Upon reaching the 10% level our exchange elites halted trading via […]

Kingdom Economics - Deception is now so great in our world of finance that people can not discern the difference between what is ‘real’ and what is ‘fake’. Historically, money has always been ‘real’ (observable). Today, most money is circulated within our computer screens as ‘virtual’ units (fake units). Why can’t most people discern this difference? To me, […]

Kingdom Economics - After attending the 2017 Money Show, I can summarize the general sentiment from the crowd and the speakers for your consideration. Approximately 5,000 investors were in attendance at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, for this 2017 Money Show Conference. Some of the speakers included Steve Forbes, Mark Skousen, Steven Moore, Wayne Root, Louis Navellier, Peter Schiff, […]

Kingdom Economics - My view of our leaders/administrators reveals that we all have (on the surface) a group of elected representatives (those we voted for) who we presume will do the will of the people and then we have a group of unelected operatives (which I will call the Deep State) who actually rule this planet (from a […]

Kingdom Economics - Our President and his policy advisers could create a real boon for everyone if they understood money. For example: we could eliminate all taxes today and replace this revenue with direct payments from our centralized source…called the Fed. Let’s think about our situation and the realities of money for this missive. Currently, Americans pay the […]

Kingdom Economics - Today, most emotion has been taken out of trading and investing as computers, robots, smart phones, artificial intelligence, automated trading, and algorithms rule over trading and price changes. Essentially, the historical business cycle (where real human emotion used to rule) has been changed dramatically now that market ‘prices’ are mostly determined by trading algorithms, robots, […]

Kingdom Economics - When America started some 241 years prior to today, there was NO official money in circulation for Americans to use. Our markets were in confusion…with various foreign coins and various paper currencies circulating within all our markets. But there were no official American currencies or American money units which people could use for trade and […]

Kingdom Economics - Traders and Investors seem unable to discern that our ‘money’ units are now ‘virtual/imaginary’ units of nothing. Created from ‘nothing’! Today, our traders and investors buy/sell and trade all kinds of financial assets (now primarily within cyberspace) without realizing that all these monetary transactions are imaginary (virtual) transactions. Deception runs so deep in our global markets now that our […]

Kingdom Economics - The mindset of our political leaders is based upon a win/lose philosophy. ‘I’ must ‘win’ over my ‘enemy’ so that my vision of reality can prevail. This is the core mindset of our political leaders (globally). Those who can muster the strongest military might prevail (temporarily) over those with less military might. But over time […]

Kingdom Economics - Great speech by the Donald last night. His presentation will go down as very Presidential and positive. But were his core ideas (on select issues) sound logic and philosophy? Can he actually create a New America with his core ideas? Let’s take his view on ISIS to start. The Donald desires to eliminate ISIS from […]

Kingdom Economics - This mathematical model of economics is what our Central Banks follow! I witness a few minor down trends (in our stock indices) at times but when this happens markets soon reverse and head back UP. Why is this so prevalent in today’s global cyber economy? A key word is ‘cyber’ and another is ‘global’. Today, […]

Kingdom Economics - Back in the late 70’s I learned about the psychology of effective communication during a valuation seminar in Chicago, Illinois. The speaker/psychologist stressed that ‘words’ can refer to both ‘things’ and ‘results’. Things are what we all observe within nature. Results emerge from our life experiences. Words like happiness, success, joy, sadness, progress, etc. are […]

Kingdom Economics - In theory, our money units today can increase our index markets (essentially) forever! Think about our situation today. ‘Numbers’ are our money today and ‘numbers’ are units of our imagination (pure mental abstractions derived from our inner being). This means that (in theory) banks and our monetary administrators (our central banks) can elevate (increase) these ‘numbers’ […]

Kingdom Economics - Since the financial crisis of 2008 up until today…government leaders, our political advisers, and our banking administrators have essentially accomplished ‘nothing’ meaningful. Our financial problems today are actually much worse than during the last crisis. Our deficits are continuing, our total national and consumer debt has grown, our trade relationships have regressed, and our general […]

Kingdom Economics - Commerce is key to human survival and those who control our commerce control the system and the people. Today, our money system is changing from a ‘substance’ system to a metaphysical ‘symbol’ system. Money is transitioning to cyberspace from our historical observable space. This change is monumental when understood. This means that our entire global […]

Kingdom Economics - The evolution of money has entered a new paradigm where our money flows are now mostly within cyberspace. This new paradigm is now becoming global and ubiquitous as metal and paper money is being eliminated from circulation gradually and relentlessly. Historical monies like paper notes and fiat units of account tied or backed to a […]

Kingdom Economics - Scott (the Fed’s legal mind) is retiring according to an article in today’s W.S.J. Today’s W.S.J. article entitled ‘The Most Powerful Man in Washington You’ve Never Heard of’…written by Peter Conti-Brown reveals that events are rapidly changing at our centralized banking super-power institution. The Fed will soon be losing their primary legal counselor, Mr. Scott […]

Kingdom Economics - The above issue of Barron’s was 3.5 years prior to today, yet many thought a ‘bubble’ was present then. Today, our Dow Index is 20,611 (so what might we call today’s BUBBLE)? A HYPER BUBBLE? So far in 2017 our index markets have been increasing at record rates. New records are being set daily. Are we […]

Kingdom Economics -   There were two articles in today’s W.S.J. (Wall Street Journal) which were relevant to the issue of global currency manipulation. Judy Shelton had her opinion article called ‘Currency Manipulation Is a Real Problem’ and the other article was entitled ‘U.S. Eyes New Tactic to Press China’ (front page of W.S.J.). Both these articles point […]

February 13th, 2017 | Trump’s Economic Trinity!

Kingdom Economics - The above Trinity (Bannon, Mnuchin, Cohn) are prior Goldman Sachs loyalists! Peter Navarro is my only hope as a sound thinker on economic issues! Trumponomics will likely be determined by a Trinity of financial elites who work directly with the Donald in Washington D.C. to create economic policy. These three elites who have the ear […]
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